2016 Championship: Round 14

With several competitors having had very poor practice sessions during early March there was a fairly negative atmosphere at the initial gathering. However, upon seeing a good water colour and a decent flow, expectations then rose. The weather forecast for significant rain during the second half dampened this somewhat but overall confidence was definitely up and unlike for the last match Trevor thought it worth getting his net wet, although perhaps with hind sight he personally shouldn’t have bothered, coming only second to last! The biggest problem for some turned out to be the thick 20 meters or so of surface scum that had gathered by the lock gates, just 10 minutes before the whistle the pumps were turned off and all water flow stopped, the scum then was able to invade the earlier swims as a slight easterly wind moved it towards Wicken. Mike Lynch and Simon Deal, pegs 1 & 2, did remarkably well to overcome the surface barrier and both continued to catch throughout the match, Simon at a faster rate as he had an inexhaustible supply of small hungry rudd just in front of him which refused to be tempted away by peg 3’s best secret formula ground bait! Simon put just over 10 lb of them in his net for first place, Mike 4 lb 4 oz for fourth. By the time the scum reached the far end of the pegging it was much more dispersed but so were the fish and some struggled for bites from the off, the lowest weight being just 14 oz. Problem boy Borrett struggled in the scum for just 3 lb 7 oz but Ken and Jason in the middle pegs both did OK, with 5 lb 13 oz and 4 lb 12 oz respectively for second and third. I believe this was enough for Jason to claim Winter Champion but Trevor will do the maths and confirm in due course. Being the last of this season’s matches we now look forward to Trevor’s calculations to determine the overall winners, the AGM and to starting a new programme with a clear slate. Our first match is a sweepstake scheduled for 16th April at Block Fen, a ‘silvers only’ event but with carp counting for 1 lb each.   Places are limited on this venue so please book on early with Trevor to secure one. Ian Claydon
Match No. 14 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 12th March 2017 (R14)
Simon Deal102013
Ken Whitmore513012
Jason O'Dell412011
Mike Lynch44010
Stephen Borrett3789
Ian Claydon21108
Rob Turner2707
Trevor Sturge2186
John Reed1405