Sweepstake, The Cam, above Byron’s Pool, 19th February 2017

After such fantastic fishing during the two weeks before, this match was a test of patience for anyone. How can it be that on the coldest day of the year chub were lining up to be caught, with the biggest problems being having only one keep net and finding the waggler line freezing to the rod rings if you had to wait more than a few seconds for a bite. Today however, with air temperatures up at least 10°C, all but two of us remained bite less? Most thought it was the increased flow and much clearer water, which together probably had the fish hugging the bottom in sleep mode.

Trevor was perhaps the only one of us to turn up that expected no more, his experienced reading of the water meant he didn’t even bother getting his keep net wet!

The weigh in resulted in Ken Whitmore winning with just 12 oz and problem boy Steve Borrett securing second with 5 oz, all tiny roach taken from slack water under their feet.

There were two chub hooked, one by John Reed who was played by his fish for a few minutes until it had had enough and showed him that No 10 elastic is in no way going to win in a place where you have to steer fish from snags.

The other chub was rather unusual; John Pope had been ledgering some cheese, which somehow upon the retrieve had become entangled around the hook length. To keep a bait in the water for as long as possible John simply snapped off the hook complete with cheese, put it with his fresh cheese to use again, tied on a new hook, rebaited and cast back to the very chubby looking far bank under a tree. Understandably the total inactivity that followed put him in semi comatose mode and to cheer himself he decided to eat some of the rather nice cheese he was offering the chub. Fumbling in his cheese pot he eventually pulled out a well washed piece and without realizing what he had done was munching contentedly when he suddenly found himself hooked neatly in the upper lip and flapping his arms and legs as though they were fins! Daughter Becky was in hysterics as the biggest chub ever hooked in The Cam was calmed and laid out for unhooking. Over enthusiastic tugging on the wrong piece of line however caused the hook to disappear from sight in a blooded beard and it was decided to retrieve it in more comfortable conditions at home, I hope it went OK and hasn’t put John off cheese.

The next points match is our last this season, 12th March on Reach Lode at Upware, the draw will be as usual at 08:00, please book on with Trevor if you haven't already.

Ian Claydon