2016 Championship: Round 13

This was probably the hardest fought match this season, with just 5½ ozs separating first from last of the eleven competitors. There was almost no flow, which with a freezing misty rain all day made conditions far from ideal, the few fish that did succumb were tiny fry with not a decent fish among them. Jason O’Dell drew the winning peg, no surprise that it was the infamous bridge swim, but it was still a struggle to entice bites. Becky Pope really turned up the concentration, she told me she was determined to beat her Dad, and so she did by coming second to Jason. Despite everyone else’s efforts there were no more points to be had other than for turning up, a very disappointing penultimate match with all the top places bar one dependant on the last two matches, problem boy of course being too far in front to be moved from first position. Our last match in March will be a tense one to decide 2nd to 5th places overall and also the winter champion. Before then we have the 19th February sweepstake, which will also be our postponed Christmas match in respect of ‘prizes’. This will be held at Byron’s pool on the upstream section of The Cam, a new venue for many of us but one reputably full of chub and good roach. The draw will be in the car park at 8:00, please book on with Trevor and remember to bring your donation for the prize fund, assuming you haven’t eaten or drunk it since the postponed Christmas sweep. Ian Claydon
Match No. 13 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 15th January 2017 (R13)
Jason O'Dell05813
Becky Pope00412
Simon DealDNW1
Mike LynchDNW1
Ian ClaydonDNW1
Ken WhitmoreDNW1
John ReedDNW1
Kevin SaundersDNW1
John PopeDNW1
Trevor SturgeDNW1
Stephen BorrettDNW1