2016 Championship: Round 11

After a very hard ‘practice’ session on Thursday my expectations were pretty low for good match weights, although they were raised slightly by an excited Trevor returning from pegging the swims reporting that fish were topping everywhere. Hopes were indeed on the up when it got light enough to see that the water was slightly coloured and definitely flowing, both big improvements over Thursday. Competitor numbers were down because Kevin’s alternator had caught fire en route, bad luck mate, we missed you, Steve Palmer was trying to get a tan in The Canaries, and the Freeman’s were still so passionately ‘debating’ Glen’s massive victory over Mark at the last Lark match that they didn’t have time to fish! John Read had however fixed his battery, which had caused him to miss the last match, and was re-equipped with wagglers. Not surprisingly peg 1 next to the bridge produced the best weight, Ken wasn’t going to let a winning opportunity go and considering the relatively poor conditions managed a respectable 13 lb 3 oz. Jason O’Dell on peg 3 also performed well, netting 8 lb 9 oz for second. The usual problem raised his head again this match to produce 4 lb 15 oz for third, making him almost unstoppable as he works towards league champion with a 22 point lead (after dropping 2 matches, 29 if you include them all)! Rob Turner got off to an early start, catching a small roach on his bare sticky hook as he was testing his waggler shotting. He did put it back, it would otherwise have moved him up a finishing position as he was pushed by me into fifth by just 2 oz. Most other weights were over 3 lb although Trevor managed only a measly 2 lb. It seems that not only was his generous insistence on drawing peg 12 a mistake, leaving the much better peg 6 for Kevin in case he did eventually turn up, but it seemed he also fell asleep on the manicured lawn of his boat mooring swim as he had to be woken by Rob Turner reminding him that the match should have finished and that he needed to blow his whistle! Trevor asked me to warn everyone that the next match on 6th November, a sweepstake on the Old West, may be moved to The Cam at Penny Ferry. The final venue will be confirmed as soon as possible via email and Website but either way the draw will be as usual at 08:00 and you should book on with Trevor. Ian Claydon
Match No. 11 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 23rd October 2016 (R11)
Ken Whitmore133013
Jason O'Dell89012
Stephen Borrett415011
John Reed42010
Ian Claydon4089
Rob Turner31488
Trevor O'Dell3987
Bill Scott3906
Mike Lynch3906
Colin Jakes2784
Trevor Sturge2303