2016 Championship: Round 10

The colder overnight temperature of just 6°C was probably responsible for the much slower sport this week compared to our last few matches. Top weight of 7 lb went to Simon Deal who included a few decent rudd in his net to just pip hard working Steve Palmer by 5 oz. The wind helped Steve this week, hiding him from the fish behind an almost constant ripple effect. Ian Claydon was third with 6 lb 4½ oz, which included about 3 lb of half decent perch. Ken Whitmore on the next peg had more fish but the scales put him in fourth place by just 1 oz, bad luck Ken! The only other angler with over 5 lb was Kevin Saunders with 5 lb 5 oz, easily keeping Colin Jakes in 6th with 3 lb 12 oz, which was still a good performance for the day and above the average of 3 lb 9 oz. There were six anglers with over 3 lb but only 10 oz between them meant every dram counted, so if you missed the net and put a fish back it probably cost a point. Problem boy Steve Borrett sorted himself this week by drawing the swim without a boat! Despite having an empty peg next door, also without a boat, and the non stop intense swishing of his whip all day, he could only manage 1 lb 12 oz for 13th place. He gets 1 point for trying, which compared to his average score this season of 11 points per match must have left him wondering whether he has finally lost the gift, try not to think about it next time Steve! It rained again just as we were packing our gear but John Pope, turning up to collect Becky, volunteered to do the weigh in and so saved Trevor O’dell on peg 1 the task. Trevor says thanks John because he could pack up while still relatively dry. We’re back to The Lark for the next match on 23rd October. Let’s hope temperatures rise enough for it to fish as well as last time, draw as usual at 08:00, book on with Trevor if you haven't already. There was talk that if enough of us turn up Trevor might form two sections for pools pay outs, the Dark side being on the opposite side of the bridge to usual. Does anyone have a louder whistle to help Trevor? Ian Claydon
Match No. 10 Fished Reach Lode, Upware on 9th October 2016 (R10)
Simon Deal70013
Steve Palmer611012
Ian Claydon64811
Ken Whitmore63810
Kevin Saunders5509
Colin Jakes31208
Jason O'Dell3987
Mark Freeman3806
Trevor Sturge3605
Rob Turner3504
Glen Freeman3203
Trevor O'Dell2682
Stephen Borrett11201
Becky Pope1601
Bill Scott1501