2016 Championship: Round 9

Despite crystal clear water the fishing was excellent, even better than the last match at Upware with nearly 144 lb between the 17 anglers, an average just shy of 8½ lb a man. First place went to Glen Freeman with a stunning 25½ lb of mainly rudd, including a specimen of 1 lb 15 oz, a memorable performance and one in the eye for son Mark who could only manage a very disappointing 2 lb something for next to last (I know your Dad wanted me to say something). Problem boy Steve Borrett remains just that, reinforcing his top of the league position with 17 lb 10 oz for second place despite best efforts from a rare showing of Steve Palmer who took third place with 15 lb 6 oz. Had it not been for his reed cutting, allowing the fish to see his face, he would no doubt have doubled this to steal another point from the problem. Fourth place went to yours truly with 10 lb 15 oz, despite me drawing the same cramped swim next to the moorings for a fourth time in as many matches. Having zero room to the right, touching the three foot high barrier to the left and a speed restriction sign overhead meant casting a waggler sideways in a gusty wind was a challenge. I did have a long clear area of river on the left but with Kevin Saunders and Simon Deal claiming it was empty of fish this was no consolation. Colin Jakes had fished here earlier in the week, hooking four perch over three pounds each, they apparently thought they were pike, intercepting his smaller roach on the way in! The match, however, was a different story but he still netted 8 lb 12 oz of rudd to be beaten by the smallest of margins, 8 drams, by Rob Turner who since the last match had found his sticky hooks. John Reed apparently thought he could catch fish from within or above the bridge, he cast and broke or lost 12 wagglers on the concrete before accepting that the fish were actually in the water. Rumour has it that Darren Mansfield, who visited rather than fished, misled John by telling him where the fish were from his vantage point looking down into the river. John got his own back by reminding Darren that had he actually fished he would have had the swim reserved for him by the draw between Glen and Colin, who between them caught over 34 lb! Despite a less than average catch Trevor was smiling after the match, not because he caught something but because he’d found and enjoyed blowing his long lost whistle, there was no mistaking when fishing ended this week! Despite rain before, during and after the match everyone else also still seemed to enjoy themselves and all seemed keen to stop the Borrett so it will be a good turn out again for the next match at Upware on 9th October. Let’s hope it fishes as well as last time, draw as usual at 08:00, book on with Trevor if you haven't already. Ian Claydon
Match No. 9 Fished The Lark, Prickwillow on 25th September 2016
Glen Freeman258013
Stephen Borrett1710012
Steve Palmer156011
Ian Claydon1015010
Rob Turner81289
Colin Jakes81208
John Reed8707
Simon Deal71306
Jason O'Dell7405
Ken Whitmore6684
Trevor Sturge6183
Kevin Saunders5002
Mike Lynch41101
Terry O'Dell41001
Ben Mansfield4801
Mark Freeman21401
Bill Scott21301