2016 Championship: Round 7

We were down on numbers with some on holiday (Ian and Kevin) and others traumatised (Rob having spent three hours on the old west earlier in the week) We arrived on a warm day with some decent cloud cover with a degree of optimism (except for John who had been fishing with Rob earlier in the week) The farmer came past at about 7.30am with her usual ‘warm welcome’ and words of encouragement and it was not long before her herd of cows appeared to watch the match unfold (as seems to happen every year) John did offer to head up a diplomatic initiative saying something along the lines of he could do ‘bloody difficult’. I suppose I ought to get on to the match. The high spots were Colin showing us all how to fish for eels when nothing else was feeding and with a weight of 4lbs 2ozs caught more than the rest of us put together. The other high spot was Steve’s second place meaning that he won the summer league in a canter The match itself was terrible, I had the end peg, but unfortunately the wrong end, I did however bag up catching 16 fish (well large fry) that weighed only 2.5 ozs. Glenn next to me seemed to have a way with cows as one decided his swim was a good place to take a drink. Trevor had the perfect swim with a boat opposite, we expected him to catch heavily with his hemp and tares attack, unfortunately the boat was occupied and it being there meant that the heavy bank holiday boating traffic had to pass Trevor’s boat about a yard in front of him. We are moving the match back a week next year. The scales we have were not up to the weigh in John approached the scales not with his keep net but with his bait box containing two very small fry caught on a 26 hook 8oz bottom. We gave him a very generous half an ounce. Ken managed one fish that we deemed to be heavier than John’s fry and gave him 12 drams. Stephen managed to catch 3 fish that were over 2ozs each veritable specimens on the day. To cap a dreadful day’s fishing the heavens opened up as we were weighing in and those that remained got a good drenching.
Match 7 Fished at the Old West Stretham 28th August 2016
Colin Jakes42013
Steve Borrett7012
Trevor O'Dell4811
Glenn Freeman4010
Trevor Sturge389
Mike Lynch288
Simon Deal187
Mark Freeman106
Ken Whitmore0125
John Reid084
Bill ScottDNW1
Jason O'DellDNW1