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Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society

We provide top class fishing on over 30 miles of river bank, five lakes, four pits and one pond. These waters provide a quality environment for all anglers, including families, match fishermen, sport fishermen and specimen hunters. We believe annual membership of CFPAS Ltd provides fantastic value and quality fishing in Cambridgeshire, and we welcome all responsible anglers.
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Championship Leaderboard

1Steve Borrett119131110813362490
2Ken Whitmore111913811811880
3Trevor Sturge3122891155912379
4=Ian Claydon106910612412776
4=Kevin Saunders61812121064110676
6Harry Haslop910571911181071
7Mark Freeman5105741087965
8John Read211611691411254
9Colin Adams11611111352
10Simon Deal1211351344
11Glen Freeman18113110842
12Dave Keedy131891941
13Norman Knightly113813136
14=Bill Scott131157211132
14=Mike Lynch861437332
16Jason Odell1261129
17Rob Turner12111125124
18Terry O'Dell1311520
19Jamie Bruce7411
20Steve Palmer3710
21=Wayne Martin178
21=Chris Whitehall448
21=Adam Biggadike4138
24John Adams77
25Brian Domingues55
26Robert Schweitzer11

Latest Posts

Sweepstake: 22 November

Sweepstake Match The Lode, Upware 22nd November 2015 Report

Sunday’s sweepstake on The Lode at Upware was fated because of the sudden overnight temperature drop to minus 3°C. The weather however was otherwise very pleasant […]

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Club Books are now Half Price

Club books are now half price until the end of the current season on application to the club secretary.

Click here to view application form

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Angling Direct Essex Winter League 2015

Results attached for our match on the Cam. The wind was horrendous making presentation difficult, but it was the same for everyone. I took your advice and put one section (A) up from Fen Lane […]

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November Sweepstake

Fished on the River Cam, 1st November 2015

Sunday’s sweepstake on the Cam below Baits Bite looked promising before the match. The river had a good flow with a tinge of colour, it wasn’t cold […]

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2015 Championship: Round 11

Fished on the River Lark, 18th October 2015

It was that man Simon Deal again who took full advantage of the peg above the bridge with close to 200 fish for his 15lb 7oz. It wasn’t […]

By |October 22nd, 2015|Categories: Match Reports|0 Comments
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AMENDED DATE for sweepstake match

AMENDED DATE – sweepstake planned for 8 November re-arranged to 1 November

Unfortunately, due to a double booking, the first sweepstake of the season on the Cam downstream of Baitsbite Lock has been re-scheduled to 1 […]

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